UMA-Bangor Hosts Taste-Off 

Politicians are hungry for our votes Tuesday, but on Monday, it was food on the ballot in Bangor.Students at Bangor campus of the University of Maine at Augusta enjoyed a Taste-off for lunch.It was put on by April Doughty, a senior at the school majoring in the Justice Studies program with a minor in American Studies.She wanted to show students and faculty how food is connected with their community and cultures. The event also conincided with the university’s academic theme of “Food” this year.Samples from Taste of India, Thai To Go and Izzy’s Catering were up for favorite vote. “For us to look at other cultures and food, we’re essentially looking at something we participate in every single day,” says Doughty. “And so this kind of gives students an exposure today of what they normally probably would no do on their own.”Doughty says students and faculty are excited because Izzy’s catering in angor is now coming to campus two days a week. Up until then, the only food for sale was through vending machines.On December 6th, another food-related event will be held at UMA-Bangor. Pack it at Home will be presented by students enrolled in the American Fitness course. The school says they’ll demonstrate homemade, nutritious, and delicious brown bag lunches complete with recipes, nutritional information and cost analysis.Other events held in October included Raising Rabbits for Food, Raw Foods: Avocado Lettuce Wraps and Raw Foods Dessert: Vegan Smores.