Local Radio Host Living In “Hobbit Hole” To Keep Families Warm 

The temperature is dropping, and so were some snowflakes on Monday night. But that didn’t stop one local radio host from bearing the elements to raise money to help keep local families warm. If you have driven by the Zone Radio studios at 861 Broadway in Bangor, you may have noticed a “Hobbit Hole”. “It is very uncomfortable,” said Pat LaMarche of WZON. She will be living there for for the next week, but not for fun. She is doing it as a show of solidarity for those who cannot afford heat during the winter time, and to raise money. “We are literally begging for the warmth, for the elderly, for the disabled, for the children.”The money raised will go towards ‘winterizing’ homes of those that qualify for LI HEAP. “They close up the holes. Sometimes those holes are an entire missing door, people had a blanket hung up to try and keep the heat in. So if we can raise twenty thousand dollars this week, we can save 100 thousand dollars worth of fuel.” LaMarche says that the effects of the cold are far more than just physical. “If you had to go to school every day and your choice is cold water or going to school un-bathed and kids make fun of you, and your life is extremely unpleasant because you’re cold and then you get picked on at school.”But nothing warms the heart quite like giving back. “Last year we had a little girl who just went door to door in her neighborhood and raised $70 dollars. If you have change from your cup of coffee, drop it off, and we’ll add it to someone else’s change from their cup of coffee. When you go home and you are warm, and you know you just dropped off 20 bucks, you feel good about it. It is a wonderful feeling.”To donate, visit Or, you can visit Pat herself at Zone Radio on 861 Broadway in Bangor.They are accepting monetary donations as well as blankets, hats, mittens, and socks.