The Greater Bangor Bark For Life Says Thank You to Supporters 

It’s always nice to stop and say thank you to those who deserve it, and that’s exactly what the great Bangor Bark for Life did Saturday.They invited folks out to for dogs in Holden.There were prizes and vendors for the event.It was all a way to say thank you for the support and the over $20,000. raised for the American Cancer Society.Organizers think having dogs involved with something as hard as cancer is a great way to raise awareness.”It’s a natural relationship, I think because dogs are so wonderful at giving such unconditional positive love and it’s just a way of, you know, connecting with our K9 friends, and partake in an event that’s for the good of all,” said Anna Perna, Bark For Life organizer and co-owner of For Dogs.The organization is planning another walk for next June.For more information, you can log onto relayforlife/