Red Cross Urges Eligible Donors to Give Blood 

Hurricane Sandy hit the New York and New Jersey area hard. The devastation in that area has canceled hundreds of blood drives and now the Red Cross is in a desperate need of donors.Red Cross Officials say they have a short fall of 12,000 units of blood for this time of year. Especially around the holidays, when it gets harder for people to make time to donate. The Operations Managid says not only do people in the New York area need help, but Maine, in general needs blood too. “Every day the nation needs 44,000 units of blood. We need people to come out to help save lives of children and cancer patients,” said Christine Bessey, Operations Manager for Northern Maine Red Cross. On Sunday, the Pine Tree Chapter will deploy its ERV, Emergency Response Vehicle-mass feeding truck, to the NYC/NJ region in support of Sandy recovery efforts.