The Maine Course Part Two: Red Sky 

When you think of Mount Desert Island, most likely, Bar Harbor is your destination of choice. But, the island has much more to offer, including some incredible food done with local flair.I visited Red Sky in Southwest Harbor on the “quiet side” of the island.You can tell you’re in for a cozy night upon entering.The artful decor gives the indication this might not be your typical dining experience.Service at Red Sky is almost like a choreographed dance. “I’ve had customers tell me it’s like a ballet, ” said Elizabeth Lindquist, who owns Red Sky with her husband, James.It makes sense, considering their background. “I have a degree in acting and theater and your degree is in art history, so of course, we’re both in the restaurant business,” said James Lindquist.That doesn’t mean they don’t take their food seriously. Hard work and attention to detail is the secret to their designer dishes.”It’s the reason it tastes like our food, because our veg stock is our veg stock, which is our recipe, our chicken stock, our demi-gloss, all those things are involved with the deep prep, that really drive the flavor,” said James Lindquist.Fresh and organic cuisine is their style.”The core of it is kind of New England I guess. It starts at the farm. We have several people that grow for us,” said james Lindquist.If the show up front is like a dance, where it all comes together in the kitchen is like a well rehearsed stage act.Meeting and working at restaurants in Bar Harbor, seems to have set the stage for their success a few ports over in Southwest Harbor.”It’s been more then we ever expected, that’s for sure. And the town has been really great in bringing us in, and our locals have been really, really good to us,” said James Lindquist.They’ve got mom’s seal of approval.”I think because everything is fresh and homemade and the vegetables are wonderful, they’re from local people and everything is really as homemade as possible,” said Muriel Lindquist.Even those who work here have a hard time picking a favorite dish.”People ask me that all the time, and I basically end up just talking about the whole menu. The shrimp appetizer with the latke is really wonderful and I guess the crab cakes,” said Jeannie Anderson, who’s been a server at Red Sky for about two years now.Restaurants typically close for the winter on Mount Desert Island, but Red Sky stays open.”In the winter time, if you want the table for the night, pretty much you can have the table for the night and have as many courses as you want,” said James Lindquist.With no dress code here, it’s come as you are, sit back, and enjoy the show.To find out more, head to