Shaw’s Laying Off Estimated 700 People in New England 

Officials with Shaw’s Supermarkets announced Friday they are reducing store-level workforce by an estimated 700 positions. The reductions will happen across 169 Shaw’s and Star Market stores in New England. ” A decision of this natures is never easy, but after careful evaluation, it is unfortunately the necessary step for us to take to help improve our business, reduce expenses and reinvest in more customer-facing initiatives,” said Mike Stigers, president of Shaw’s. ” As we continue to look at the best ways to achieve success, we recognized an opportunity to align our workforce to more effectively serve the marketplace by scheduling team members more appropriately to serve customers at the times they shop. These changes will help us to compete more effectively in a rapidly changing marketplace.” We’re told approximately 90 employees impacted by the layoffs have already been told of their status and the remaining workers will be information during the next several days. TV 5 is working to find out how many Maine employees this will impact.