Maine State Prison and Bolduc Correctional Facility Achieve 100% on ACA Accreditation 

The Maine State Prison and the Bolduc Correctional Facility have passed the American Correctional Association accreditation process. Both facilities received a score of 100% compliance with all mandatory and non-mandatory standards set forth by the ACA. According to a press release from the Maine Department of Corrections, the Bolduc Correctional Facility needed to adhere to 236 standards, 33 of which are mandatory and 203 non-mandatory. The Maine State Prison needed to adhere to 506 standards, 59 of which are mandatory and 447 non-mandatory, in order to achieve a score of 100%. ” Our staff worked hard to ensure we meet these standards, and achieving a perfect score demonstrates their commitment to keeping our facilities safe and secure,” said Commissioner Ponte. In Maine, four out of six facilities are accredited and both juvenile facilities are accredited.