AAA Focuses on Safe Driving for Seniors 

Maine has the oldest population in the United States per capita and with the Baby Boomers aging, transportation is becoming an issue. The Maine Secretary of State’s office and AAA held a Senior Driving Summit in Augusta on Friday. The workshop included health care professionals, legislatures, and law enforcement officials. The focus on the summit was to educate drivers, their families, and people in the community on how important it is to keep our roads safe. Public Affairs Manager for AAA Northern New England, Pat Moody, said “You plan for retirement financially, but you need to plan ahead for driving retirement, because we now live longer than we can drive safely.”While the Maine Deputy Secretary of State, Thomas Arnold, said Friday’s even is all about planning. “To develop practice plans to deal with the issues of senior driving and to work collaboratively to recuse crashes and prevent fatal accidents.”For resources of safe driving you can visit