No Charges Yet in Starks Shooting 

A Starks man is recovering at Central Maine Medical Center after being shot. It happened around 3:30pm Wednesday on Mount Hunger Road in Starks. Deputies say Kerry Hebert was shot in his rib area. Hebert reportedly didn’t know the person who shot him. Deputies aren’t telling us much at this point, but they will say, an argument led to the shooting. “There were a group of hunters hunting in that particular area, um, there was a confrontation between a landowner, the individual who got shot, Mr. Kerry Hebert, age 56, and that group of hunters,” said Chief Deputy Dale Lancaster with the Somerset County Sheriff’s Department. Deputies are still trying to determine if the hunters were hunting on Hebert’s land or just very close to it. Right now, no one has been charged, but once deputies complete the investigation, the district attorney will make the decision on charges. Hebert is reported to be stable at the hospital.