University of Maine Greek Life Hosts Trick or Treating 

It was all fun and games tonight at the University of Maine where some students took a break from the books to offer up some treats to local kids”Tonight we have ‘Trick Or Treat On Greek Street’, its up along College Ave. All the fraternities and sororities are out. We are hoping to open it up and have the community come down to our houses and get some candy for the little kids and enjoy their halloweens,” said Benjamin Fournier. “Its one of the first things that we’ve done with the greater community, as a group,” said Brittany Cote. Collectively the members of greek life put a twist on halloween offering up more than just candy. Jeff Eldridge, “What we’re doing is a hockey shootout and if you make it into a certain basket, then you a get a certain candy that’s paired up with that.””There is bobbing for apples, there is some beanbag tosses, there’s a wrap the mummy race,” added Cote. “Over here there is a zombie dress up station where kids get to dress up either a sister or a brother of the organization, then we judge and give them extra candy for it,” said Jessica Rothenhebor. “They can stick their hand into some brains, which is just spaghetti and oil,” said Courtney Maynerd. The students hope that their efforts tonight help create a positive image of their community involvement. “What this does is promote that we aren’t just students on campus, we are here for community service as well,” added Eldridge.”I think that greeks are really trying to put it out there that no matter who you are, if you need help or if you want us to do a philanthropy for you or anything we are always there to support the community and would like to get more involved with them,” added Courtney Maynerd. “We are here to hopefully change the stigma that fraternities and sororities may have against them,” said Fournier. “You don’t want them to think of the stereotypes, you want them to think are people who are willing to work with the community and do as much as possible for them,” stated Cote.