Creativity and Carving Come Together at St. Joseph Hospital in Bangor 

Creativity and carving came together Wednesday at St. Joseph Hospital in Bangor. Dozens of staff took part in the annual pumpkin carving contest, a hospital tradition for more than 15 years. Most of the departments started planning their displays months ago. This year, third place went to the cardiopulmonary care unit for their pumpkin village. The reimbursement department took second place with Humpty Dumpty’s hospital visit. First place went to the lab department for Dr. Pumpkinstein. Mary Prybylo, St. Joseph Healthcare President and CEO, says, “People work very hard here and Halloween is just an opportunity to have some fun and to laugh. And I think it’s an opportunity for the departments to join together, collaborate and develop a pumpkin. We had some people who brought their kids in, so it’s somewhat of a family affair – it’s just fun.”There was also a costume contest.The award for the scariest get-up went to the St. Joseph ghoul. The reimbursement department took the prize for the most original costumes with their host of accident cases, including a rather big baby in distress. And the judge’s favorite award went to Lucy and Ricky Ricardo.