Business Leaders Rally in Support of Question 4 

In a few days, voters will head to the polls. While Question 1 is receiving a lot of publicity, it is not the only question on the ballot.Business and Community leaders from Bangor and Hampden came together at H.O. Bouchard, Inc in Hampden on Wednesday to rally in support of Question 4 – the transportation bond.If voted yes, question 4 will result in a $51.5 million bond for transportation investments. Officials say the bond will also create 3,100 new jobs throughout Maine.The Mayor of Bangor, Cary Weston, said voting yes on question 4 is crucial for Mainers. “The infrastructure, roads, rails, bridges, water, and aviation is the heart of our economy. And moving foods, people and services around the state and out of the state, even importing, relies on a strong infrastructure.”If the public votes yes, most of the money will go toward repairing Maine’s highways and bridges.For more information on question 4 – you can head to