Red Cross Volunteers from Maine Heading to Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy 

Volunteers from Maine will soon be headed south to help in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. The Pine Tree Chapter of the American Red Cross is preparing to deploy some of its recruits to the hardest hit areas, like New Jersey and New York. Executive Director Todd Nadeau says right now it looks like 17 people will be going, but it could be upwards of 50.The volunteers are expected to leave as soon as Wednesday. The chapter’s working with the Red Cross headquarters in Washington, D.C. to figure out how Mainer can help. Nadeau says, “They’re sending requests up to us as far as how many shelter workers they need, how many feeding volunteers they need, how many disaster mental health workers, how many health services workers they’ll need in the area, logistics, the whole nine yards.”The volunteers are usually deployed for two weeks at a time.