Bangor Hydro and BIA Work to Get Back on Track After Hurricane Sandy 

Bangor Hydro crews have been working to restore power to its customers.A few days’ notice and not getting hit as hard as expected by Hurricane Sandy has made it a bit easier to help affected customers.“Originally, we expected it to be 24-48 hours, just based on the forecast, but because we didn’t get hit as hard as we thought we would have, we’re thinking most, if not all customers, will have power by the end of the day today,” said Susan Faloon, director of Bangor Hydro.That doesn’t mean this storm didn’t cause problems here in Maine.”We saw about 5,500 outages over all, mostly late last night and early this morning.”While Sandy clean-up means extra activity for one service, it means just the opposite for another.”Unfortunately, it is very quiet here at Bangor, which is a rare occasion,” said Tony Caruso, director at Bangor International Airport.To be expected, most domestic flights coming in and going out of BIA have been cancelled, with the exception of Delta’s Detroit flight.“I think it might take the airlines several days to start to recover from this. I think once the storm passes through, they will assess the damage at certain airports and they’ll start to reposition those aircraft and also the flight crews back into position into their system,” said Caruso.In the meantime, instead of going by plane, some are hitting the road, even if it means a 20 hour drive back home to Cleveland.”It’ll be faster because they probably won’t be fixed until Monday,” said Jeremiah Siddle.When it comes to this storm, patience is certainly a virtue.”There’s still a lot of damage, broken trees, fallen power lines, that kind of thing, we know people can become impatient. Give us a call if you think it’s been a really long time or you’re not sure that we are aware of it, but please don’t try to move them yourself,” said Faloon.”They can contact is directly thorough our website,, or certainly trough their airline website,” said Caruso.If you would like to report, or check the status of an outage, you can click on