UMaine’s Future Looks Bright with 5-Year Plan 

Despite the dreary day on campus, the forecast prediction at the University of Maine remained bright, Monday.President Paul Ferguson said, “A beautiful, blue sky. It’s optimistic, it’s beautiful, it’s creative.”Inside the Wells Conference Center on campus, Ferguson had a positive outlook on what is to come for the school, as he explained to staff members how the university plans to implement its Blue Sky Project.”It’s a blueprint for the University of Maine over the next three to five years,” explained Ferguson.Approved by the Board of Trustees in July, the project aims to improve campus life with anything from updating its facilities to bringing in more money.The president said, “The challenge is that the state does not have a lot of money to continue to give. We want to maintain that appropriation level, but we really do need to supplement that with other sources.”By reallocating some of the resources they already have, Ferguson said they have already accomplished some of what they set out to do.”You’ll see many of the buildings looking more beautiful, are being repainted. You’ll see some of our construction coming to completion,” he explained.While there is still more work ahead, UMaine’s future is clear.Ferguson said, “This doesn’t diminish the challenges we face, but it gives us the strength and inspiration to do it right.”