Crash Killing Two Teens Still Being Investigated 

Three people remain hospitalized from a Friday night car crash in Winslow that killed two teenagers.It happened around 11:00 on South Reynolds Road. 16 year-old Scott Loisel of Winslow and 16 year-old Alexandria Ferland of Vassalboro died.Police say Loisel lost control of his car while driving up a hill.The car went into the shoulder, then veered into a taxi, hitting it head-on. It’s prompted a local driving instructor to ask parents to pay closer attention to how their kids are driving.Mike Perkins, who owns KMD Driving School in Waterville says parents need to set a good example, “I get kids in my Driver’s Ed cars and I constantly ask them what’s the speed limit. The kids say ‘ah it’s 25 but everyone else, my mom and dad go 35 or 50 in a 25 mile per hour zone,’ but kids don’t think the accident won’t happen to them. It’ll happen to somebody else.”Friday night’s crash is still being investigated.