BIA Quiet But Still Open Through Hurricane Sandy 

Hurricane Sandy has stranded travelers across the nation.At Bangor International Airport the terminal was quiet and the arrival and departure board was filled with the word cancelled.Not just for Monday but into Tuesday as well.A flight from Detroit was cancelled early Monday afternoon, wiping out all the domestic flights through Bangor as all of the other East Coast hubs shut down because of the storm.Some travelers, like Adam Myers, who is a pilot for NetJets, opted to stay on the ground and drive to their destinations. “Heading home yeah, it’s either take my chances here for a couple more days or head out today, so it’s about an eight hour drive, I’m going to head down through Boston, and get out of here today.”Bangor International Airport Director Tony Caruso said there hasn’t been an issue with stranded travelers in Bangor at this point. “I think a lot of the passengers, like I said, just like us have been monitoring this storm for several days now and I think prior to this story actually getting to, effecting Maine, everyone has reaccommodated themselves.”If you’re scheduled to fly in the next couple of days the Caruso’s advice is to check with the airlines, or visit the B-I-A’S website fly bangor dot com for an updated schedule.Caroso says the airport will stay open and is ready to take planes and passengers throughout the storm should the need arise.There are some international flights still planned through Bangor, a troop flight from the United Kingdom made it’s way through B-I-A early Monday afternoon.