Sen. Collins Wants Mainers to Keep an Eye on Hurricane Sandy 

U.S. Senator Susan Collins wants to make sure Maine residents feel safe as Hurricane Sandy approaches land fall on Sunday. Collins is part of the Senate Homeland Security Committee which oversees the Federal Emergency Management Agency.Collins said “As Hurricane Sandy moves closer to the east coast of the United States, I am in close touch with Maine Emergency Management Agency as well as FEMA officials both in Washington and here in New England. In a conference call Saturday with FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate, I was assured that FEMA is prepositioning food, water, and other important necessities such as generators, in areas where they will most likely be needed. In addition, rapid response teams are ready to be deployed, and in the event Governor LePage believes a team is needed for our state, one will be sent here. As this storm continues to develop, it is important that all Mainers listen closely to the National Weather Service forecasts and to instructions from local authorities and emergency management officials.”