Old Town Woman Organizes Bike Ride to Give Back 

A bike ride was held in Old Town on Sunday as a way to give back. Tamara Hunt has lived in the town since 2007 and knows the community is pretty special.”This town raised money for 10 consecutive months to pay my mortgage while I was travelling back and forth repeatedly to Boston with my child,” explained Hunt.It was one community member in particular who really helped her family out. Earlier this year she hired Chris Weiss, also of Old Town, to help convert her furnace to natural gas.Hunt said, “He saw my daughter and saw that she was sick and took it upon himself to talk with his boss and a supply distribution company.”Weiss was able to work out a deal so the Hunt family wouldn’t have to pay a cent.”I’ve had cancer for 5 years, her daughter is suffering from similar illnesses, so I feel for kids,” said Weiss.It was a good deed that wasn’t forgotten. When Weiss’s cancer took a turn for the worse and he needed to have his arm amputated, Hunt wanted to give back to the person who helped her so much.”I felt exceedingly compelled to help support his family during this difficult time,” said Hunt.That’s why she organized Sunday’s bike ride. The funds raised will help pay for Weiss’s travel and medical costs. She also set up a donation fund at Bangor Savings Bank. Those who would like to help out can visit any of the bank’s branches and say they’d like to donate to the Weiss family.Hunt said, “We generally need to spend most of our lives paying it forward, but rarely do we have the opportunity to give back to the people who directly gave that to us.”