Elementary School Students Take Part in Fire Safety Month 

October is Fire Safety Month and although there are only a few days left, there is still a lot to learn.Fire Fighters headed to Etna on Friday to teach children how they can help keep their families safe and healthy. Students at the Etna Dixmont school are learning a very important lesson. “Stop, drop, and roll,” said Maddy Shaw, a First Grader at the school.The Etna and Dixmont Fire Departments came to the school to let the students know, in a dangerous situation, they are the good guys. The 2nd Asst. Fire Chief, Dixmont Fire Department, Alan Sowa, said “We want them to come to us. We don’t want them to hide, ok. So, it makes life a lot easier if we don’t have to search around as much and we can all get out safe.” Fire can be a scary concept for children, but these firefighters are making sure the students are safe. A First Grade Teacher, Etna Dixmont School, Jennifer Hambrock, said “I think it’s most important to discuss it and have opportunities to ask questions so that they aren’t afraid.”Besides fire safety, these first graders learned what can happen if you don’t wear a seat belt. They can see they’re putting themselves in danger if they don’t have one on” said Hambrock, and these kids learned their lesson. At the end of the day, students received their special fire helmet and along some fire safety tips. “Hopefully we get a lot of recruits as they grow up,” Sowa said.