Bucksport High School Hosts Maine Supreme Judicial Court 

A decade old murder case was brought back to life before seven Maine Supreme Judicial Court justices, Friday, transforming the classroom at Bucksport High School into a courtroom.Student, Mitchell Burgess, said, “This just makes it a lot more real to see it in action.”The school played host to two Supreme Judicial Court cases, which included an appeal for a new trial from convicted murderer Olland Reese of Bowdoin, who was sentenced to 47 years in prison in 2003 for killing 16-year old Cody Green.”I thought they were really interesting,” said senior, Carly Cloukey.State and defense attorneys had to make their case to both the justices and the audience, taking questions from students sitting in.Participant, Kevin Greene, told us, “I felt like, well, if a Supreme Court justice can sit there and have the same questions as me, why can’t I just go up there and ask that question.”Bucksport is just one stop on a tour of high schools the high court is making around the state, hearing actual cases at each one. Chief Justice Leigh Saufley believes it is an opportunity to educate a younger generation about the significance of the judicial process.”I’m actually hoping that the students come to understand that what happens in the court is very, very important, and that for their world to continue to be the world we think of: free, lots of opportunity, where all of their rights are protected, the court system is something that has to be a core function of government and has to be supported throughout,” said Saufley.The experience proved to be a lesson that could not be taught from a textbook.”I’ve been interested for awhile and this kind of makes me want to get that high in that career,” said senior, Carly Cloukey.