Bangor Man Charged after Reported Assault and Standoff 

A tense morning Friday for people in a Bangor neighborhood. It ended with a man charged with Assault with a Dangerous Weapon and Domestic Violence. ” My neighbor called and said don’t leave your house because there’s somebody across the street with a gun,” said Melissa Pando, who lives in the neighborhood.When this is how your morning starts, morning routines quickly shift. ” I saw the SWAT people with their guns and stuff and I was like, I’m going back inside,” said Samantha Bailey, another neighbor.It started around 4:30am, when a woman was reportedly assaulted by a man inside her daughter’s house on Dirigo Drive. The two women were able to get away, but couldn’t get an 11-month-old boy out of the house. ” She said the father of the baby came inside, was trying to get inside and went in trying to find his gun, and it wasn’t loaded, but he ended up loading it and then hitting her mother in the back of the head,” described Bailey. The Bangor Police Special Response Team sent a robot into the house, and then the team went in. ” We were all freaking out,” said Bailey. ” My fear was that there was gonna be shots fired in the neighborhood,” added Pando. Police found Jared Ross, 29, of Bangor, on the second floor. The baby boy was there, too. ” They all came out and she ran inside for the baby,” said Bailey. The boy is fine and the woman who was attacked has a cut on her head. ” It’s kinda frightening because this is a pretty quiet neighborhood,” said Pando. By 9am , things were back to normal, and the daily routine on Dirigo Drive, could resume.