Senate Candidates Dill and King Attend Forum in Bangor 

U.S. Senate Candidates Angus King and Cynthia Dill were in Bangor today….They attended the papermaker forum held by the Maine Labor Council and the United Steelworkers.Worker representatives from 11 Maine paper mills asked the candidates their position on various issues.The Maine Labor Council and the USW have not endorsed a candidate, but will consider it after this forum.”I clearly have a track record of sticking up for union rights and collective bargaining, unlike the other candidates in this race. As you saw in this forum today, I have a list of 16 bills that were vetoed by Governor King and Charlie Summers of course doesn’t support working rights,” said Dill.”Organizations have been coming and I’ve been talking to them all thought the campaign and what i”ve always said is I can’t make you promises on specific issues, but I can promise that I’ll always listen and try to do the right thing,” said King.Dill told us she understands that many unions will be endorsing King, but is still focused on ended strong for the working people this election.King says sometimes he will agree with organizations, and sometimes he won’t, but he will always try to do the right thing.Candidate Charlie Summers was asked to the forum, but did not attend.