Orono Theater Program Previews “Spamalot” 

Spamalot is a silly place and students from Orono High School want to take you there. They will be performing the Monty Python inspired play in November but on Thursday night they gave members of the community a sneak preview of the show, while also raising some money for charity. “We do some cooking with spam… and and we’ll be performing some scenes tonight,” said Terry Henry, the show’s musical director. The money raised will go towards Orono Schools’ Coalition For The ArtsCoalition President Mary Bird said, “Its been amazing, we have several small fund raisers associated with concerts and performances and we’ve been able to turn money right back to the teachers, from kindergarten right up through high school.”Students and staff agree that the comedy in the show is keeping everyone smiling. “Its a comedy and its going to make everybody laugh. The whole audience will be on the edge of their seat, crying with laughter the whole time,” said Conor McCriag, a student at Orono High School. Terry Henry enquired, “Where else can you pretend to ride a horse with coconuts?”Performances of Spamalot are November 15th, 16th, and 17th at Orono High School.