Hundreds Walk through Bangor to End Domestic Violence 

Hundreds walked through downtown Bangor, Thursday, to raise awareness about domestic violence. They only covered the short distance of a half mile, but aimed to make a big impact in the long term.”It’s a moving experience. I’m a survivor of domestic violence and I speak out regularly against domestic violence,” said participant, Betsy Thurston.She was joined by about three hundred others for the trek, which was as much about victims, like Thurston, as it was the abusers who motivate her today.Thurston said, “The abuse has to stop. That’s my only message. It’s got to stop. There’s no excuse for domestic abuse.”The walk was the first to be held in the city by domestic violence group, Spruce Run.”We are going to stand up and do what we can do to make sure that this is an issue that someday ends,” said the organization’s program coordinator, Amanda Cost.Judging by the strides made in one afternoon, it seems this community plans to keep carrying their message forward.