Former Hermon School Dept. Employee Pleads Guilty to Stealing School Money 

A man accused of stealing from the Hermon School Department admitted to the crime in a Penobscot County courtroom in Bangor on Thursday morning.44-year-old Larry Dearborn pleaded guilty to theft. His lawyer and the District Attorney struck a deal for a six-month sentence.Dearborn had worked as supervisor of facilities, maintenance and transportation for the school department for years. District Attorney Chris Almy said he used the school district’s money to buy parts that he then used for his own side work as a car repairman and furnace installer.”The school department and the superintendent were very upset with him because he had used his position of trust as the superintendent of maintenance to take advantage of the school accounts to buy parts and then sell them to private individuals,” said Almy.Dearborn has already paid back $28,000 of the $28,221 he took from the school department. Defense attorney Hunter Tzovarras said Dearborn nearly wiped out his retirement fund to do so.Pastor Mark Fowler of the Church of the Open Door in Hampden submitted a statement to the judge on Dearborn’s behalf. He said Dearborn is very sorry for what he did and is working to make amends.”I see a different Larry Dearborn than the one others see. Certainly they have a good reason to view him that way because he did commit a crime and he understands that and he is willing to do whatever’s right to try to correct that wrong,” said Pastor Fowler.The judge accepted the plea agreement. Dearborn must pay back the remaining money he owes the school department. He also owes the state of Maine more than $1,400 for unpaid sales tax.