Police Investigate Motive Behind Lamoine Double-Murder 

Police say they still don’t know what led to a double murder in Lamoine yesterday, which ended in the killer’s death.A state police detective shot the suspect following a 7-hour manhunt for him.Police say 27 year-old Leon Tilden shot and killed his father, Robert Tilden, and uncle, Russell Pinkham, both 50 years old, at a house on Bobolink Lane.State police spent today collecting evidence from the home and talking to the victims’ family.At a news conference this afternoon, they said they’re looking for a motive to the murders.”We don’t know what made him snap that night,” remarked Lt. Chris Coleman, “that’s really what we’re trying to figure out. There were some dynamics in the family. That, and some of his behaviors of the last few weeks and months have caused some concern within the family. We’re exploring those right now to find out exactly what they were, but at this point we have no idea what made him snap.”Autopsies on the three bodies are scheduled for tomorrow.State police say the results will help give them a better idea of what happened by indicating how many times Tilden shot the victims and with what kind of gun.The detective who shot Tilden was put on administrative leave yesterday, which is standard procedure, and the attorney general’s office will investigate the use of deadly force.