Hermon High Students Learn Life Lesson Outside of School 

Away from the daily challenges of life in high school, a group of sophomores created the ideal learning environment in Hermon, Tuesday.Student Kasey Holland said, “We got up and and danced around and hugged each other. I’ve never been much of a dancer or a hugger, so that was like something cool that brought me out of my comfort zone.”For one day, Holland and his classmates at Hermon High School agreed to trade in their books for a lesson plan that can’t be taught in the classroom.”I just think that every student that goes to school, anywhere, should be able to go to school and be in a school that feels safe and feel welcomed, and sometimes I think that kids lose sight of that,” explained Shelley Gavett, a teacher at the school.For the last eleven years, she has been convincing her students to try Challenge Day, an effort by Acadia Hospital to teach kids about more than just math and history.”I learned I’m not alone. There’s a lot of problems in my life. I have a lot of difficulties, but I learned that everyone else is going through the same things,” said student, Dan Emerson.And after a day spent outside of the classroom, they’ll have a lesson about life they can use back at school and beyond.