Hancock County Prosecutor Testifies in Case Against Her 

A Hancock County prosecutor accused of violating nine rules of the Maine Bar defended herself in a courtroom in Bangor Tuesday. Assistant District Attorney Mary Kellett appeared before the Maine Board of Overseers of the Bar in connection with a case she prosecuted in 2009 against Vladek Filler.Filler was convicted of gross sexual assault against his wife, but was acquitted two years later after a judge determined evidence had been left out of the trial and Kellett made improper statements to the jury during closing arguments.In Filler’s complaint against Kellett, he says he never received certain recordings he requested from the state as evidence.Tuesday Kellett said she offered Filler’s lawyer that information, if he’d go through the proper court procedures to ask to for it, such as a subpoena. Once testimony wraps up, the panel is expected to review the case and issue a decision later. Their decision could range from finding Kellett didn’t break the bar rules to recommending that she be suspended or disbarred.