Lamoine Woman Takes on Love of Rescuing Pet Rabbits 

A woman in Lamoine is dedicating her life to rescuing rabbits. Jenny Nichols wants to make sure the abandoned ones still have a chance at finding a permanent home. What was once her garage is more like a bunny barn now, one that’s nearly over run with rabbits. It grew out of helping one of her daughters take care of a new pet. “I really had no big interest in rabbits until the job fell to me. And that’s when I started realizing what smart, funny little creatures they are. It was is slow love but it became a very big love.”All of this sweetness has spawned a very serious effort to save these animals – the Cottontail Cottage Rabbit Rescue, the first and only licensed shelter in Maine.”Every rabbit has a separate personality and rabbits are actually as smart as dogs. i think rabbits are highly underestimated. They are actually the third most euthanized animal at shelters.” “Can you smile for the camera?”, say volunteer, Linda Kimmelman. She’s working with Nichols to take care of the nearly 40 rabbits here. “I just love watching them. I just love the way they behave and i think they’re very smart and they’re very social and their soft!”The shelter has a lot needs right now – food, supplies, foster parents. But Nichols says the most pressing is getting the former garage ready for the cold. “We have it set up really great, however it has not been insulated. And that’s a worry for us here because our winters are so harsh and we want to make sure they’re going to stay warm.”Nichols hopes the more people see how loveable these bunnies can be, and how much love it takes to care for them, the more she’ll be able to carry on the shelter’s mission – to save somebunny today.If you’d like to help out Cottontail Cottage Rabbit Rescue, you can check out the website