Heavy Rain Causes Flooding on Roadways 

A rainy start to the weekend left some people stranded in their cars on Saturday morning. Bangor received about two inches of rain between Friday and Saturday: causing some flooding on roadways.The Department of Public Works for Bangor, Brewer, and Hampden were evaluated any damage. Cars stalled on Main Street and Sunset Ave in Bangor and it almost looked like a pond in front of the Leadbetter’s on Stillwater Ave. Some drivers with trucks were about to get through it, but others were not so lucky. Charles Beailieu said, “I thought I could have made it through it, but when I to go about here, I just gunned it into the gas station and stalled. So, I called my boss and told him ‘I’m going to be here for a while.'”A group of teenagers were helping people out of the flooding. Sarah Adams, 14, said “We’re helping cars get out of the flood, like that one was just got stuck, and we’re just trying to help them because I know this is scary.”There were no injuries or serious accidents during the storm and all of the roads reopened in the afternoon.