Police Chief Takes Over as Lincoln Town Manager 

Last year, Bill Reed was fired as Veazie Town Manager. Last night, he lost his job as Lincoln Town Manager.Lincoln Town Councilors voted to let him go. Reed was on the standard new employee probation period after being hired in June. Lincoln’s Council Chair, Stephen Clay, says Reed told a reporter about the town’s $1.5 million budget shortfall before he told the council and we’re told Reed hired a consulting firm to look into the shortfall with out consulting the council.The council chair says the main reason why reed was let go was because he just wasn’t a good fit not because of the budget. Clay said “I know some people will say it was retribution for that, but it wasn’t at all. Probation is to take a look at the employee and see if their a good fit, it just wasn’t.”For now, Police Chief Bill Lawrence will be the interim town manager. The Chair says Lawrence will stay in the position until the budget issue is worked out