Kevin Raye and Mike Michaud Debate On TV 5 

Less than three weeks remain on the campaign trail for Democratic Congressman Mike Michaud and Republican Challenger Kevin Raye.On Thursday night, the two candidates participated in a debate moderated by TV 5’s Catherine Pegram.Topics included same sex marriage, highway infrastructure, healthcare, and voter registration.The debate began with moderator Catherine Pegram asking both candidates how they could avoid getting caught up in the so called “gridlock” of Washington, D.C. Both said they had a history of reaching across the aisle, but Michaud says that Raye’s construction of a Republican conference room in Maine refutes that claim. Michaud said, “That’s not how you bring people together.”Raye fired back, “That is simply not true. We don’t even have a lounge. There is a conference room with workstations in it.” Both candidates then responded to one viewer’s concerns over same day voter registration. “I am against changing the laws on same day voter registration for a lot of reasons,” said Michaud. Raye agreed, “The public spoke and spoke decisively. They want to keep that law and so I think that law should remain for the foreseeable future.”Both are supporting same day voter registration but disagree on tax policy.“The system is not fair when you look at the tax code. The middle class has all too often, you know, taken the burden as far as what’s happening in Maine and around the country,” said Michaud. “The thought that we are somehow going to encourage a better economy by raising taxes flies in the face of history,” responded Raye. They also disagreed on same sex marriage.“The vote that is coming up this November does protect our religious freedoms, so I will be voting yes, if individuals want to marry, they should be able to marry who they want to as long as it doesn’t interfere with religious freedoms,” said Michaud.“I believe that it is possible through civil unions to to validate and respect committed same sex relationships,” answered Raye. If you would like to see the entire debate it will re-air on the CW on Sunday, October 28th, at 10 am. You can also watch the entire debate on our website on Friday afternoon.