Bar Harbor Students Aid Collapsed Teacher During Hike 

The quick thinking from some students on an educational hike in Bar Harbor may have saved a life.What started out as an educational ecoligical hike on the North Bubble trail in Acadia National Park Thursday, turned into an emergency situation. College of the Atlantic professor Scott Swan was about twenty minutes up the trail when he collasped.Thankfully, his students sprang into action.”One of the students got on 911 to make the call to make the notification that they needed the help and one of the other students opened his airway and started CPR and got artificial respiration going. When we got there the patient, they had done CPR on the patient, the patient was revived and conscious and breathing,” said Acadia National Park Supervisory Search and Rescue Ranger Edward Pontbriand.Rescue crews, with the assistance of Swan’s ten students, were able to get him down off the mountain.”We were able to put him in a backboard, in a litter and then have him carried down to the parking lot,” said Pontbriand.The quick thinking of the students may have saved Swan’s life.”That was the proper protocol. They did what they are trained to do and we have a person whose walking around today probably because of their actions,” said Pontbriand.Swan’s condition is said to be stable at this pont, but the feeling on the COA campus is pride for its quick thinking members.”You can imagine if you’re a student and your faculty member falls to the ground, that’s a traumatic experience and so very proud that a student knew what to do, did the right thing and really averts what could have been a much worse scenario,” said COA President Darron Collins.