Mike & Mike Get Ready for Final Show 

Two radio guys named Mike will go their separate ways Friday, for the first time in 15 years. The Mike and Mike Show on Kiss 94.5 is signing off. Mike Dow and Mike Elliot have hosted more than 5,000 shows together. Even though they won’t be sharing a show any more, they say they’ll still be spending a lot of time together. ” We will still be in the same building. We’ll always be friends and we will take the opportunities that we’re given to continue to be involved in community projects,” said Elliot. ” He’s always gonna be my best friend, ya know, we’ll never totally break up. We’ll probably spend more time together now,” added Dow. The last Mike and Mike Show on Kiss 94.5 will be Friday morning. Both Mikes will remain in radio. Mike Dow will host oldies shows and Mike Elliot will co-host a country morning show.