Angus King Prepares for Another Debate 

After meeting with the other U.S. Senate Candidates on Wednesday night, Angus King stopped by Gaeghan’s in Bangor.Several past and present Bangor City Council members spoke on behalf of the Independent candidate. When King took the podium he said he was pleased with the debate at Husson University. He’s confident with only 20 days until the vote he can hold on to his current lead in the polls.King says being an Independent will not only help him in this election, but will also help in Washington. “I don’t have to do what one of the other parties tells me to do. I know my vote will also be directed toward who has the best argument, who has the best data, who has the facts, and what is best for our country.”Charlie Summers, Cynthia Hill and King will all face off in another Senate debate on Thursday in Presque Isle. King says the focus of that debate will be on Aroostook County.