Amish Helping To Rebuild Historic Thorndike Church Destroyed By Fire 

Last December an electrical fire took more than just the Congregational Church away from folks in Thorndike. “It was a sad day for us,” said church deacon, Richard Chase.That fire also took a piece of history that had stood in the town for more than a century. “103 years old,” said pastor Paul Press.Fast forward 10 months and a new chapter is being written. “10 months of saying ‘we’re going build, we’re going to build,'” Press said. “Now people driving by are saying ‘oh it’s happening.'”Those involved in the project have come a long way in a short amount of time. “We broke ground on the 7th of September,” Chase said. “If we can have the roof on this inside of two months, I think it’s quite a feat.”A feat that may not have happened without a little help from their friends. Friends from the nearby Amish community, who were all too happy to stop what they were doing and come lend a hand. “They take every Thursday and they do a community project where they all work together. They dedicated this day to help get the trusses up and get the roof on.”Under the watchful eye of the pastor and some of the parishioners, the Amish men worked alongside local contractors, mixing techniques that have stood the test of time with new technology, to get the job done. Nail by nail and board by board, these workers are turning last December’s nightmare into a dream come true. “Some would call it coincidence, some would say it’s lucky, but but we’re learning more and more it’s not coincidence, it’s not luck,” Press said.They hope to have the church open by Christmas.