WABI Hosts “Question One” Debate 

Impassioned but respectful. That was the tone of Wednesday night’s debate over “Question One” between Carroll Conley of “The Christian Civic League” and Matthew McTighe of “Mainers United For Marriage”. Carroll Conley spoke about the potential risks that he saw for Mainers who support traditional marriage.“We believe there are really significant consequences for religious liberties and we also believe that the ideal situation to raise children is a home with a Mom and a Dad and therefore we believe there are negative consequences for children as well,” he told WABI’s moderator Carolyn Callahan. One caller asked Matthew McTighe if business owners would have to serve members of the gay community. He responded saying, “Businesses are impacted by existing Maine law, law that was settled by maine voters, in 2005. If you choose to open a business, you have to serve anyone.” Conley then brought up how he felt that supporting traditional marriage is often times misinterpreted. “Its not because you hate somebody, its not because you don’t respect them, but the government has significant, specific reasons why it allows certain people to marry and other not to marry,” he said. McTighe responded by saying that by allowing same sex marriage, it strengthens the institution. He says, “I’m not sure why Carroll’s organization keeps on undermining us when marriage should be about love and commitment. I actually think that if that is something that is reaffirmed, if people vote yes this November and affirm that marriage that all loving and committed couples should have the freedom to marry who they choose, that is something that underscores that importance and that significance of making a lasting lifetime commitment.” The full debate is below: