Political Stunt Lowers Price of Gas in Bangor to $1.84 Per Gallon 

A traffic jam on Union Street, spanning about a quarter of a mile, was worth waiting in for drivers in Bangor.”I’m a poor college student, so anytime there’s cheap gas, I come,” said patient bystander, Olivia White.To her, the delay was a small price to pay for a discount on gas at Citgo, a deal that attracted drivers from all over the area to the station. Customer Larry Kelley told us, “We have two cars and they get 35 to 40 miles per gallon, and we’re still complaining because of the price going up.”The price at the pump was knocked down to $1.84 per gallon, but it was only a temporary deal for the first 150 drivers to come through. National conservative group, Americans for Prosperity, funded the political stunt to send a message to voters.”Less than four years ago, $1.84 was the price of gas,” said Carol Weston, the group’s director in Maine.She blamed President Obama’s energy policies for the increase in prices at the pump.”We should be drilling in the United States. We should be extracting the oil and the gas that’s available to us,” said Weston.But it’s a claim the state’s Democratic Party Chairman, Ben Grant, called ridiculous. He traced the issue back to the Bush administration.”Gas prices will go down that low if the economy is in the tank and the policies of the last president got us where we were,” said Grant.He told us the prices follow a trend of getting higher as the economy improves.Grant explained, “President Obama has brought the economy back, which is why gas prices have risen.”But regardless of how we got here, a temporary discount at the pump in Bangor has helped fuel a debate about where the country should go next.