Leading Back to Bangor Seminar at Bangor High School 

Keeping their city in mind for the future was the focus of a seminar for Bangor High School seniors.”It’s never too early, we don’t think to start talking about longer range, or midterm, midrange kind of plans, and we hope that those plans include Bangor,” said Paul Butler, principal of Bangor High School. The interactive event, Leading Back to Bangor, gave young, Bangor professionals a chance to discuss with students to stay, or returning to the area after graduation. “It just becomes the norm and when you’re young, you just don’t see those things when you leave you come to realize the things you took for granted are that great and it’s time to come home and really enjoy them,” said Alex Gray of the Waterfront Concerts.Six of the eight speakers graduated from Bangor High themselves, giving seniors the chance to talk to people who were in the same situation not all that long ago. “I think it’s cool that, you know, there are people who are older who have gone through that same exact thing, who have come back and they can say, you can find everything that’s out there, you can find it all in Bangor,” said Libby Hubert at senior at Bangor High School.Whatever this year’s Bangor grads decide, this event proved reassuring to some who already plan to stay.”Bangor’s a great community, so I think it’s a good message to tell the kids to stay here, that Bangor can thrive and that we can potentially be the ones help it do that,” said Grace Maclean a senior at Bangor High School.