Michaud and Raye Debate in Bangor 

The two candidates for Maine’s 2nd Congressional District got together for a lunch time debate, Tuesday.Democratic incumbent Mike Michaud squared off with his Republican challenger Kevin Raye at a hotel in Bangor.Their contrasting views were showcased on issues such as balancing the budget, which Raye said should not involve raising taxes on anyone, at this point. Michaud countered that studies show it needs to be a combination approach, including a tax hike.The two also sparred over the President’s health care bill, which Michaud supports.”My opponent came out talked about having a different congress so they could repeal the health care bill, and he listed issues that he thought should be in the healthcare bill. Every issue that he issued that should be mentioned that should be in the healthcare bill was in the healthcare bill,” said Michaud. Raye argued the bill was more than 2,000 pages long and included a host of provisions he did not agree with.”Sure there are some components of Obama Care that I support. I would vote to repeal the overall law, but to then replace it with some of those components and some additional things that we can do,” he explained.The candidates will debate the issues again Thursday night on TV5 during an hour long special beginning at 7:00 p.m.