Beal College Health Info Management Program Receives Accreditation 

Officials at Beal College in Bangor say students in the health information management program will now be able to go after better jobs with bigger salaries. The program has just received accreditation. Beal College is only the second school in the state to offer that kind of program. School officials say with the accreditation, graduates can now take an exam to be registered health information technicians. They’re trained to work in health care facilities, collecting and analyzing patient data. That can improve care and control health care costs. Student Bruce Fleming says, “It’s very important because the credits that we have can now transfer. We can go to a four year program at this point and we can sit for the RHIT exam, which will give us better certifications and salaries.”Barbara Marchelletta, Program Director Allied Health, says, “A lot of work went into getting the accreditation. It’s been years, a lot of long hours answering surveys and self studies so a lot of work went in.”Officials say the new accreditation is retroactive and applies to previous graduates of the health information management program.They’ll be able to take the exam, too, to be registered health information technicians.