Bangor High School Linking Students with City’s Business Leaders 

Bangor High School seniors will sit down with local business leaders Wednesday to discuss future opportunities in the city.The school is hosting a seminar featuring eight young professionals from the Bangor area who will spend the morning answering students’ questions.Panelist Ben Sprague, who works in finance and serves on Bangor’s city council, hopes to change the perception some of the area’s youth have about the region.Sprague said, “I think in a lot of ways there’s an attitude you got to get away, you got to go somewhere else to have a career or lifestyle, but I’m here to say that’s not at all true.”The seminar, entitled Leading Back to Bangor, was created by the school’s principal, Paul Butler, who wanted to give students a chance to meet with successful local residents not much older than themselves.”They are leaders in their own right in the community. They’ve done things here that some may never have thought of as possible in the Bangor area. So, there’s the proximity of age that’s a sell, there’s also the accomplishment of the group,” said Butler.