Two Homes Catch Fire in Bucksport 

A busy Sunday for fire fighters in the Bucksport area…They were called out to two house fires that broke out within hours of each other.As Joy Hollowell tells us, emotions ran high at one of the blazes.====The first alarm sounded around 4:30 Sunday afternoon.”We had a call for heavy smoke at a residence out on Jacob Buck Pond Road,” says Captain Pam Payson with the Bucksport fire department.When crews arrived, they found the fire already had a good head start.”They had flames crawling across the ceiling,” says Payson. “They had major, major work ahead of them.”Fire fighters thought the house was empty, until they heard a devastating noise- two dogs trapped inside.”We could hear them barking,” says Payson. “We had a few first responders there trying to get in but the heat and the smoke, they just couldn’t make it.”The blaze appears to have started in the living room. The homeowner told authorities they believe they left a candle burning there.”Just finished clean up for that fire and about an hour later, we had a second one out on School Street,” explains Payson.Two adults and two children were inside the home when flames broke out.”Smoke alarm woke them up so that definitely saved a bad outcome there,” says Payson.Fire fighters believe the blaze started in the kitchen area, after someone improperly disposed of smoking materials in a trash can.”First PD on scene saw heavy smoke and flames through the windows. And then shortly thereafter, we made entrance and had quick knockdown,” says Payson.++++Fire fighters from Orland and Orrington were also called in to help with Sunday’s blazes.