RSU 19 Votes on Adding Budget Approval to November Ballot 

Around 300 people gathered at Sebasticook Valley Middle school Saturday for the district budget meeting.Members of the eight communities that RSU 19 covers came together to to discuss a possible ten year, $3.6 million loan that would take care of their budget issues. The District Superintendent, Greg Potter, felt pleased with the public turnout.”I’ve been to budget meetings with issues like thus in the past when the turnout isn’t solid. When the turnouts are strong, I think you get a much better indication of how the public feels about it an issue, so it was very nice to see the participation today,” said Potter.Some feel that it’s up to school officials to get the budget on track..”I think the loan just sends the problem to ten years down the road. Until fundamental changes see made in the way that this RSU operates and does business, we’re going to continue to have these problems. Essentially, it’s been shut your mouth and write the check,” said Jason Gould, St. Alban’s Selectman.Others feel that this is a an issue that can only be fixed with a loan approval.”What we’ll be doing is mortgaging our future and having the next generation of taxpayers pay for the repair of schools that weren’t repaired now. So, it’s just, not a good thing, it’s not something that we can simply ignore, vote against, and say that it’s up to the school to fix, because the schools can’t fix this problem simply by cutting,” said Winn Price, a Newport School Board member.Voters decided to put the loan approval option on the November 6th ballot. Until those results, Potter is focusing on making this district the best place for the students.”To be able to get the district where it needs to be so that as we move forward, we can discuss the, you know, really important things and those things are related to how we service kids, what we provide for them and what we can bring for them,” said Potter.