L.L. Bean Celebrates 100th Birthday with Some Popular Icons 

It was a strange sight in downtown freeport on Satuday, as the “L.L. Bean Bootmobile” and other larger than life mascot cars to help celebrate the company’s 100th anniversary.People got the chance to check out the world-famous “Oscar Mayer Wienermobile,” as well as the “Peepster” car, named after those favorite easter candies. The “Lindt chocolate gold bunny car” also made a guest appearance.Bootmobile Driver, Eric Smith, said “We’ve been all over the country. It’s like bringing a piece of Maine wherever we go. The LL Bean boot is not only an icon it’s also an icon of Maine for the last 100 years. So to be able to show that off in other parts of the country but also to show if off here in our hometown and also have our friends came with their cars too, its just a great day.”