Randolph Man Accused Of Stabbing Police Dog Held Without Bail 

A judge has ordered a Randolph man accused of stabbing a police dog Wednesday night to be held without bail.20-year-old Dustin Smith is charged with six felonies, including terrorizing, numerous counts of criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon, and aggravated cruelty to animals stemming from an incident Wednesday night.Officers investigating the theft of prescription pills in West Gardiner Wednesday identified Smith as their suspect.Authorities say they were told Smith was at the Windsor Heights Apartment Complex in Randolph. A police dog named Draco led them to Smith, who was crouching behind a step in the parking lot of the building.He reportedly threatened officers with a hunting knife, but the officers did not want to fire their weapons in a residential area. Smith then took off.Draco was sent to chase Smith, who reportedly stabbed the dog behind the ear, just missing his windpipe. Police say Smith then barricaded himself in an apartment before releasing a woman and young child from the residence and surrendering a short time later.Smith faces numerous other charges from previous run-ins with the law prior to Wednesday night, including an outstanding warrant for failure to appear on the charge of operating after suspension and violating the terms of his probation by engaging in criminal activity. The probation was the result of an aggravated assault charge that Smith served two years in prison for.His next court appearance is in December.Draco was rushed to the Emergency Animal Clinic in Lewiston for emergency surgery. He has numerous internal stitches and seven external staples, but he is expected to make a full recovery.