Update on Missing Colorado Girl Jessica Ridgeway 

New reports from Arvada, Colorado indicate a body was found, and that it is in the area where Jessica Ridgeway was last seen. Jessica went missing Friday while she was heading to school in Colorado.Police are not confirming it is her, but said they will have more information Thursday morning.Earlier this week Dexter police were alerted that someone may have seen the girl at the Dexter Variety Store.According to Dexter Police, a customer called them Tuesday to say they thought they saw a girl who looked like Jessica in a light blue Buick with Colorado plates Sunday.A store clerk told TV5, their surveillance video shows the car pulling up around 4 p.m. Sunday with four people inside.She said two adults got out of the car, while two others, who were hard to make out, waited inside the car.Local and federal authorities are still investigating.If you have any information, or see a light blue Buick station wagon with Colorado plates, police want you to call them with the license plate number and any other details.