Fairfield Megabucks Winners Collect Their Winnings 

A Fairfield couple who bought the winning Megabucks ticket last week were presented their winnings Thursday.After 16 years of playing Megabucks Linda and Bob Von Oesen have hit the jackpot. “I buy one ticket. Just one ticket for Wednesday and one ticket for Saturday.” Linda said at a press conference at the Bureau of Beverages and lottery Operations Thursday. Their winning ticket was worth $8,190,000. Taking their winnings in one lump sum, the Von Oesens won $5,927,032 and, after taxes, they took home $4,148,922. Thursday, on their 32nd wedding anniversary, they claimed their prize. “I do easy pick, I’m fairly lazy,” Linda said with a smile. “Like I said, I don’t even look in the paper. I don’t even look at the numbers. I don’t know what numbers I got. I don’t even look at them when I buy them.”In fact, the Fairfield couple had been camping in New Hampshire when Linda’s daughter Stacey told her on the phone the Big Apple in her hometown sold the winning ticket. “I said, ‘Well, just give me the numbers.’ So I wrote them on a piece of paper, then I went and found the ticket. I said ‘Stacey I got that one. Stacey I got that one.’ I go ‘Stacey!’ And the next thing I was saying, ‘Stacey, Stacey!’ and she was hollering, ‘Ma, ma, ma!'”While everyone in Fairfield was wondering who won the jackpot, the winners remained on vacation. “Bob says, ‘We gotta go home,’ and I said, ‘Home? I just got here I’m on vacation.’ And I said, ‘We’re gonna come back, aren’t we?'”Eventually, they returned home to figure out what to do with their new found fortune. “I’m still kind of in shock trying to figure it all out,” Bob said. “We’ve been getting figures together for helping the kids.”The Von Oesens have five daughters and 14 grandchildren.Bob is retired after working more than 30 years at Scott Paper and Linda, an avid bargain shopper, says she’ll continue working at Marden’s, but she has no plans to change her frugal ways. “They still give me coupons to go out to eat at work because I don’t get Friendlys’ coupons in my mail. So I’ve had two people say, ‘You still want them?’ Of course I do! I like Friendly’s and I gotta have the coupons.”The owner of the Big Apple in Fairfield received a $30,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket.