Congressional Candidates Answer Question on Afghani Force Timeline 

Incumbent Democrat Mike Michaud is being challenged by Republican Kevin Raye for Maine’s second district congressional seat.We asked them this question:Come 2014, Afghanistan security forces will be in the lead as US forces shift to a security role. Do you agree with this timeline? Congressman Michaud responded, “I’ve been over to Afghanistan several times and I had a, an opportunity actually to, to talk to the ground soldiers. And one of the things that I heard over and over again was the fact that they make reference to Afghanistan as ‘Rent – a – Nation’ ’cause, depending on any given day, you know, you could have an Afghani fighting along side you one day, the next day they’ll be shooting at you. “Cause over in Afghanistan, four dollars a day is a lot of money, and what we’re seeing today, in Afghanistan, is what the killings of NATO** allies, our US soldiers, is done from within, and that’s a huge concern. I think it’s important that we bring our troops home. We went over to Afghanistan, because of Osama bin Laden. He’s dead now and it’s time to, to bring our soldiers home. I do not believe in nation building, we have a lot of work we have to do here at home. And if you look at the strain that is has put on our Guard and Reserves, is tremendous. I’ve talked to soldiers thats been over to Afghanistan and Iraq, seven or eight tours. And that’s something we got to consider, is the, what pressure we’re putting on our military men and women.”Kevin Raye said, “Well, I certainly agree that we cannot, as a nation, maintain our current status in Afghanistan, into the future. I’m somewhat concerned about telegraphing, to those are our enemies, exactly what and when we’re going do it. I’m not sure that that’s wise, but I certainly do agree we can’t continue at infinitum, whether it’s 2014, or whether it’s sooner. I don’t know. I would, if I were in Congress, I would want to know what the commanders on the ground think. I would want to know what is in the best interest of our fighting men and women, that they’re going to be secure and safe in their service to our country. And, it just isn’t clear to me that telegraphing, preciously what we’re going to do and when, to the other side was a wise move on behalf of the administration.”